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Many clients and prospective new clients express surprise at the consultative nature of our accounting and auditing services. Our approach stems from a diverse array of industry knowledge and our commitment to help you plan for the future. We identify opportunities while they are ripe, problems before they arise, and alternative solutions to existing situations.

Some of the services provided by us are:

  • Audit, review and compilation reporting on historical financial statements
  • Report on and provide assistance on forecasted and projected financial statements
  • Render opinions on special purpose financial presentations
  • Perform agreed upon procedures and report findings
  • Provide attestation services to meet regulatory requirements
  • Establish, evaluate, and report on internal controls
  • Fraud auditing services
  • Provide Government Yellow Book compliance auditing services
  • Provide Connecticut Single Audit Services
  • Provide Massachusetts Uniform Financial Reporting (UFR) services
  • Audits of HUD-Assisted Projects in compliance with I.G. Handbook
  • Audits of pension plans to meet ERISA and DOL requirements
  • Provide bankruptcy, reorganization, and debtor-in-possession services
  • Report on and assist in preparation of personal financial statements
  • Assist in preparation of strategic business plan
  • Assist with loan application packages and recapitalization
  • Performance based auditing services and attest function
  • Internal audit function
  • Asset based lending audit support services
  • Job and process costing studies (including activity based costing), implementation, and monitoring
  • Business succession planning, buy/sell agreements, and valuation services
  • Due diligence services for business acquisitions and feasibility studies

We provide accounting, auditing and consulting services to a wide variety of businesses including: construction and real estate, health care, legal, manufacturing, not-for-profits, pension plans, recycling/waste disposal, retail, transportation, wholesale/distribution and others.

We seek to understand you and your business up front so we can go beyond your minimum needs and function as your business advisor. We take a hands-on approach to accounting and auditing because it is the first step in building a solid foundation as your trusted business advisor. Please call us to discuss your needs and allow us to help you.